Den heliga tillväxten

Inom hela det politiska vänster spektrat finns sedan Keynes först lade fram sina teorier en tro om att tillväxt är grunden för en expansiv bättre välfärd. Frågan är om det är sant och om aldrig sinande tillväxt är möjlig?

The Old Man - a short story

The old man stood by the coffin and sighed. He had meant to leave earlier, yet somehow his departure had been delayed and he’d been forced to rush to the church. He had stopped by his home on the way down to collect a few things [...]. Outside it was chilly, but he hadn’t felt a thing as he walked silently along the pavement.

My Freaky and Funky Valentine

Any form of love should be remembered and appreciated for what it is, and to start off on this year’s love bomb, here’s a list of movies dedicated to those who need to find themselves, and to those who have found their other half…